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20151014 Malunion in displaced intracapsular fracture of femoral neck: A rare case Nikhil Verma, M.P. Singh, Rehan Ul Haq, Aditya N. Aggarwal and Anuj Jain 2015,18(5):307-310 2463
20151011 The management of naso-orbital-ethmoid (NOE) fractures Jun-Jun Wei, Zhao-Long Tang, Lei Liu, Xue-Juan Liao, Yun-Bo Yu and Wei Jing 2015,18(5):296-301 2437
20150201 Some thoughts about the disaster medical rescue system in China Jianxin Jiang 2015,18(1):1-4 1919
20151004 Effect of posterior condylar offset on clinical results after posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasty Jian-Tao Wang, Yu Zhang, Qing Liu, Qiang He, Dong-Liang Zhang, Ying Zhang, Ji-Xuan Xiao, Xin Mu and Ming Hu 2015,18(5):259-266 1722
20150205 Efficacy of open reduction and internal fixation with a miniplate and hollow screw in the treatment of Lisfranc injury Baoliang Li, Wenbo Zhao, Lei Liu, Fuguo Huang, Guanglin Wang and Yue Fang 2015,18(1):18-20 1516
20160106 A comparative study between Marshall and Rotterdam CT scores in predicting early deaths in patients with traumatic brain injury in a major tertiary care hospital in Nepal Sunil Munakomi 2016,19(1):25-27 1443
20160208 Distal tibial fracture: An ideal indication for external fixation using locking plate Jing-Wei Zhang, Nabil A. Ebraheim, Ming Li, Xian-Feng He, Joshua Schwind, Li-Mei Zhu and Yi-Hui Yu 2016,19(2):104-108 1407
20150211 Asymptomatic traumatic common carotid artery dissection Feriyde Caliskan Tur, Ersin Aksay and Ozge Duman Atilla 2015,18(1):44-45 1352
20160105 Improved neurite outgrowth on central nervous system myelin substrate by siRNA-mediated knockdown of Nogo receptor Sheng-Hao Ding, Ying-Hui Bao, Jian-Hong Shen, Guo-Yi Gao, Yao-Hua Pan, Qi-Zhong Luo and Ji-Yao Jiang 2016,19(1):16-24 1334
20150204 Traffic crash accidents in Tehran, Iran: Its relation with circadian rhythm of sleepiness Khosro Sadeghniiat-Haghighi, Zohreh Yazdi, Mohsen Moradinia, Omid Aminian and Alireza Esmaili 2015,18(1):13-17 1312
20160203 Are falls more common than road traffic accidents in pediatric trauma? Experience from a Level 1 trauma centre in New Delhi, India Annu Babu, Amulya Rattan, Piyush Ranjan, Maneesh Singhal, Amit Gupta, Subodh Kumar, Biplab Mishra and Sushma Sagar 2016,19(2):75-78 1299
20150214 A rare combination injury of type III Monteggia fracture dislocation and ipsilateral epiphyseal fracture of distal radius in children. Is there a probability of missing the Monteggia component? K.C. Kapil Mani, Arun Sigdel and Anuj Jung Rayamajhi 2015,18(1):51-53 1283
20160101 How to improve the outcome of patients with traumatic brain injury in China Ji-yao Jiang 2016,19(1):1-2 1281
20160201 The European New Car Assessment Programme: A historical review Michiel van Ratingen, Aled Williams, Anders Lie, Andre Seeck, Pierre Castaing, Reinhard Kolke, Guido Adriaenssens and Andrew Miller 2016,19(2):63-69 1190
20160108 Clinical application of three-dimensional printing in the personalized treatment of complex spinal disorders Yi-Tian Wang, Xin-Jian Yang, Bin Yan, Teng-Hui Zeng, Yi-Yan Qiu and Si-Jin Chen 2016,19(1):31-34 1165
20150213 Subacute posttraumatic ascending myelopathy: A case report and review of literature Mukul Mohindra, V.K. Gautam, Lalit Maini, Santosh Kumar and Saurabh Verma 2015,18(1):48-50 1150
20160116 Simultaneous bilateral shoulder and bilateral central acetabular fracture dislocation: What to do? Hardik Sheth, Abhijeet Ashok Salunke, Ramesh Panchal, Jimmy Chokshi, G.I. Nambi, Saranjeet Singh, Amit Patel and Ranu Sheth 2016,19(1):59-62 1123
20160110 Minimally invasive osteosynthesis of distal tibial fractures using anterolateral locking plate: Evaluation of results and complications Devendra Lakhotia, Gaurav Sharma, Kavin Khatri, G.N. Kiran Kumar, Vijay Sharma and Kamran Farooque 2016,19(1):39-44 1118
20150210 The therapeutic effect of high-dose esomeprazole on stress ulcer bleeding in trauma patients Lihong Cui, Chao Li, Xiaohui Wang, Yan Zhihui, Xing He and Sandong Gong 2015,18(1):41-43 1066
20160302 Pattern of rubber bullet injuries in the lower limbs: A report from Kashmir Shabir Ahmed Dhar, Tahir Ahmed Dar, Sharief Ahmed Wani, Saheel Maajid, Jawed Ahmed Bhat, Naseer Ahmed Mir, Imtiyaz Hussain Dar and Shahid Hussain 2016,19(3):129-133 1059